We help client leaders develop actionable strategies and pragmatic approaches to establish or expand their public sector business.

Strategy and Growth

For private sector organizations, we serve clients on strategy and growth, with a differentiated focus on Public Sector Go to Market (GTM) strategy. Known by different names, GTM typically includes functions such as client development, business development, capture, proposals, competitive intelligence and market intelligence. Enabling functions for GTM include contracts, Legal, pricing and compliance.

Many structural factors (e.g., new legislative priorities with corresponding funding, government spending increases, technology modernization, etc.) continue to make governments attractive long-term clients. The increasing attractiveness of government clients, along with promise of new investment (e.g., infrastructure) are attracting new entrants, in turn increasing the sector’s competitive intensity. Whether a firm is new to this market, seeking to expand or an established player, there are often opportunities to take performance to the next level.